Hafa Adai! Welcome Blue Bay Petroleum Guam

About Bluebay Guam

Blue Bay Petroleum Guam is the exclusive distributor of Mobil lubricants for Guam, Marianas and Micronesia.
With operations on Guam and Palau, Blue Bay is at the forefront of consumer driven petroleum
industry services in the entire Western Pacific.

Who We Are

We carry personal vehicle, commercial, industrial and military grade oils, greases and hydraulic fluids. We offer fast, flexible and responsive service your business demands. With in-depth local market knowledge and supported by Mobil’s technical expertise, Blue Bay Petroleum Guam can supply a wide range of Mobil lubricant products offering superior performance to suit most automotive and industrial applications.

Please drop us an email if you have a specific product question or would like a visit from one of our sales representatives.